Oyster Bay, NY – Over the last two years, the Kicking 4 Celiac Foundation’s “Cleats 4 Kids” program has helped keep kids active across the country, and has helped them to enjoy living a healthy lifestyle without worrying about costs for their equipment. Today, the Kicking 4 Celiac Foundation has made its largest Cleats 4 Kids donation to date, and one that hopes to help a High School program so close to the Foundation’s home.

The Kicking 4 Celiac Foundation will be donating a new pair of cleats to every member of the Varsity Football team at Long Beach High School for their upcoming football season. The K4CF donated cleats will have the Long Beach Marines football team looking like a family that has not missed a beat when they make their return to their home field, which was torn apart by the Hurricane Sandy. The Foundation will have the opportunity to speak directly to the student-athletes about staying healthy, proper nutrition, and they will bring Celiac Disease awareness, not only to the student athletes, but to the student-body, through Long Beach High School.

In October of 2012, Long Island was devastated by Hurricane Sandy, and one of the most decimated areas of the island was Long Beach, NY. At the time of the hurricane, Long Beach High School’s football program had been enjoying a great season and was heading towards the playoffs. As the super-storm drove through Long Beach, it essentially took all of the school’s equipment with it. The team was left without helmets, shoulder pads, pads, cleats, and even had no footballs left after the storm. After having equipment and items donated from various schools and organizations just so they could play in the playoff game when school resumed, Long Beach was eliminated from the playoffs after the first round.

Recently, Craig Pinto and Long Beach Varsity Football Assistant Coach Rocky Butler connected in regards to the Foundation’s program, and it was a perfect fit. “Our Foundation has a tremendous desire to give back to all communities, and having this happen right here so close to us, with so many of our own families and friends affected by this, it is something that this program can step up and help a lot of people out with. It’s a no brainer”, said Craig Pinto, director of the Kicking 4 Celiac Foundation. He added, “When things out of your control affect your daily living, having people there to help you stay on your feet and move forward is something that helps you understand you are not in every battle alone.”

“If it eases the burden for one person, it’s done its job. If it helps a community bond, rebuild, and be thankful for what they’ve got, we have done our job”, said Pinto.

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