Hello Everyone!

First, I want to thank you for viewing our website as we begin our efforts to move forward and be the best foundation we can possibly be for the Celiac Disease community. We hope that you will lean on us for support, education, and anything Celiac Disease related. Each of our Board Members is personally invested in Celiac Disease and the community, either having it themselves, or a friend or relative being affected.

My journey from a young child diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease at age 12, to then being diagnosed with Celiac Disease at age 22, to playing professional football and achieving two world records has given me the desire to reach out to those in need, to keep on their paths of life, and to know that any of your goals are still reachable, even with physical road blocks. From the psychological side effects, to the physical side effects, and everything in between, I went through the ringer, and my main goal with this foundation is, hopefully, to keep people from feeling that way, but to also know that if they do, we will be an outlet for support and to know there are people who will work hard to make sure they feel that happiness again.

I am extremely excited for the future of this foundation, as well as for the Celiac Disease community. With more and more support groups, and more people genuinely concerned about the lack of awareness, we hope that this will spur a rise in education, a rise in diagnosis, and reduce the number of undiagnosed and misdiagnosed cases.

Thank you again for visiting this site, I hope you will take part in our many exciting programs that we have to offer, join our mailing list, and keep an eye out for the many events we already have planned for the future. I look forward to working as hard as I can to bring awareness to Celiac Disease, to educate, and to erase the stigma that being diagnosed with Celiac Disease becomes an undefeatable life sentence. We are all in this together.


With Love Always,

Craig Pinto